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BlogWorld 2011 – Financial Services

Just wanted to post to note that I’ll be speaking at BlogWorld & New Media Expo in NYC this coming Tuesday!!  I’ll be speaking alongside Zena Weist from H&R Block, Doug Haslam from Voce Communications and Jamie Punishill, formerly from Citibank, who is now head of Wealth Online at Thompson Reuters. A pretty amazing group, if you ask me!

If you want to check out our session, we’re speaking at 11:30am in room 1a08! Would love to see you there!

Know your Customer – The Census: A Government Failure

I’ve just finished filling out the 2011 Census. And I’m not impressed.

The Census, in my opinion, is the best way for the Government to gather the information that it requires to meet my needs as a tax paying citizen of our great country. It’s like market research for the services that are delivered to me.

This year, with the elimination of the Long Form Census, I expected that the short form census would contain a slightly more thorough examination of Canadian demography. This was not the case.  The government now knows that I’m not a farmer, that I live alone, that I speak french and that I’m 26.

A quick Google of “26 year old french man not a farmer” reveals that I might as well be a camel. The other results are just as concerning. I guess being a camel has its advantages. I can carry my own water in my humps so that when the government cuts essential services that I use, I won’t die of thirst.

Now, that leaves us with the National Household Survey, a voluntary survey that is by invitation only, but that people don’t have to fill out.  This means that Canadians will not be statistically represented, meaning that my point of view is not respected.

What if no non-farmer, French-Canadian males of the age of 26 answer the survey? Or even if a disproportionate number answer it?

The mandatory nature of the long-form census ensured that people were represented in a manner that was demographically representative, but the new voluntary model doesn’t ensure this.

Where previously, we were able to say that “18% of Canadians have made love in a canoe”, we can now only say “18% of survey respondents have made love in a canoe.”

But then again, I guess, ultimately, a government who does not want to serve its citizens does not need to know about them.

What your customers want: Pickles

The best marketing is something personal, that comes in a format that touches at multiple points, is created with good intentions, builds on a relationship and feels good inside. Just like my pickles.

Starting a New Twitter Account is like building a home

Starting a new Twitter account is much like building a house, and lately, most of my new followers have been settling for mobile homes. When you build a new house, most people want their house to be immune to the perils of nature and society, and such is also the case with Twitter. The average [...]

Don’t QuitFacebookDay just yet

May 31st 2010 has been deemed to be “QuitFacebookDay”. This is why you shouldn’t quit.

Make your customers pay more!

I went out to grab a hot dog today.  On the southwest side of the street, I approached the hot dog vendor, a plain cart, with no advertised price. I asked him what his price was. He replied that it was $4,50.  I looked to the southwest side of the street, and saw another, far [...]